Geo Suffolk - Mammoth Trail

While elephants themselves are something of a rarity in Suffolk, fossils of elephants and mammoths are a specialty in our county. Suffolk is home to the most complete range of mammoth and prehistoric elephant fossils in Britain, spanning more than 2 million years.There ar...

by alice | Jan 16, 2017 |


Suffolk’s AONBs

All the way back in 1945, the Dower Report was published. Initially written due to growing  public support for the creation of National Parks, the report indicated the need to protect certain naturally beautiful landscapes however some of these areas would be unsuitable parks mainly due to s...

by alice | Dec 30, 2016 |


Recycling the Christmas Tree

Christmas always turns into a chore as we enter the New Year. Taking the decs off the tree always becomes tedious and you can only hoover up dropped needles so many times before you want the tree out for good. But once your tree had been successfully stripped, what do you do with it then? Instead...

by alice | Dec 30, 2016 |

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