Nordic Walking in Suffolk

A new sport is becoming increasing popular in the UK and it's something everyone can get involved in and enjoy. Nordic Walking is a more vigorous form of walking that has numerous health benefits. The sport is a suitable for people of all ages and is a super way of experiencing the Suffolk countr...

by alice | 2 days ago |


Where to get your Suffolk Christmas Tree

The history of the Christmas Tree dates back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, originating from Germany. It became a popular tradition during the second half of the nineteenth century especially among the upper classes. Traditionally, Christmas Trees were decorated with edibles such as ap...

by alice | Nov 24, 2016 |


Father Christmas in Suffolk

Good old Saint Nick will be taking time out of his busy schedule to visit all the good boys and girls in Suffolk in the run up to Christmas. Amazingly, some days it seems he will be in two places at once - but for a man who travels the world in one night this doesn’t seem too much of a feat. Meet...

by alice | Nov 22, 2016 |

Pantomime Season

Watch Out For Hedgehogs This Bonfire Night

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Outdoor Activities In Suffolk

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