Inspirational Suffolk Scenery

Many artists have escaped to Suffolk to gather inspiration throughout the years, whether it be for music, poetry, writing or art. The county is famed for its stunning scenery, from the rolling fields of Constable Country to the serenity of

by sian | Mar 28, 2017 |


County Flowers of East Anglia

The organisation Plantlife was started back in 1989 to help conserve and protect British wild plants. In the year 2002, Plantlife got the British public involved in choosing wild flowers to represent each county. This endeavour was undertaken to show the range and diversity of the plant life foun...

by alice | Mar 28, 2017 |


Geo Suffolk - Mammoth Trail

While elephants themselves are something of a rarity in Suffolk, fossils of elephants and mammoths are a specialty in our county. Suffolk is home to the most complete range of mammoth and prehistoric elephant fossils in Britain, spanning more than 2 million years.There ar...

by alice | Jan 16, 2017 |

Suffolk’S Aonbs

Nordic Walking In Suffolk

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