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Nordic Walking in Suffolk


A new sport is becoming increasing popular in the UK and it's something everyone can get involved in and enjoy. Nordic Walking is a more vigorous form of walking that has numerous health benefits. The sport is a suitable for people of all ages and is a super way of experiencing the Suffolk countryside.

Nordic Walking differs from your usual stroll mainly through the use of walking poles. You can get poles with a variety of grips and wrist straps as well as removable rubber tips to suit the surface where you’re walking. Using the walking poles means you apply force with your arms when you walk, which results in fitness stimulation not present in more everyday walking. Nordic Walking benefits your arm muscles, shoulders, back and chest - using up to 90% of your body’s muscles no less. Studies have shown that it can produce an increase of up to 46% in energy consumption compared to walking without poles.  

Nordic Walking has also shown to improve posture and over time as well as improving appetite and sustained weight loss. If you’re already a keen rambler, this is a great sport to try out. Suitable for various sorts of terrain, you can explore Suffolk with Nordic Walking. Hike through Dedham Vale or Dunwich Heath and soak up the landscape and wildlife.

The concept has been implemented by backpackers and trekkers for decades, as Nordic Walking was used an a exercise to keep cross-country skiers fit out of season. It wasn’t until 1979 that Nordic Walking was formally defined and the term was popularised in 1999.

Nordic Walking is great way to improve fitness in older adults, so if you don’t want to get a gym membership why not treat yourself to a set of walking poles instead? Maybe a certain someone will bring them down the chimney for you if you’re good. Be adventurous in the new year and try out the sport. Take a friend or maybe organise a group to see how you get on. You never know, you might fall in love with Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking UK was conceived back in 2000 and groups have been established all over the country to help encourage people into the sport. If you are interested in Nordic Walking, get in touch with the Suffolk Striders Nordic Walking Group. With training courses and lead walks around the Woodbridge area you can dip your toe to see if this is the sport for you. All you need is a good pair of walking boots, a lovely place to walk, a set of poles and you can be off!

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