Henstead Exotic Garden

Henstead Exotic Garden

The Henstead Exotic Garden is truly unique. Started from scratch 10 yeards ago you will be surprised at the voluptuous range of plants that are on display. The garden itself is set within two acres.

The backbone of the garden are the five plus buildings, tropical style summerhouse, Thai style pavilion which is one to two metres off the ground and reached via a 20 foot wooden walkway, a Lord Of The Rings style composting toilet with stained glass windows and a rustic cafe. 

Some 70 plus tons of rock have been brought into the garden, that now have self sown ferns protruding from between the rocks, including a 25 ton rock walkway.

In between these buildings are Indian Sandstone paths with exotics billowing from every direction. The journey takes you past many fish filled ponds with water lilies and streams and waterfalls never far away. There are 100 plus large palms, bananas, 200 plus bamboos, some that are 30 feet tall and have three inch canes!

The garden is open for a small slot between May and October, so be sure to visit the website to view open dates.

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