The Relaxation Coach, Southwold

The Relaxation Coach, Southwold

Over 20 years ago in South Africa, Aiden Higgs embarked on an amazing journey of discovering how effective natural therapies can be and became totally immersed in learning, practising and teaching them. In 2009 he moved to the United Kingdom and settled in Suffolk.

At his Southwold clinic, you can receive relaxing aromatherapy and reflexology treatments. Aiden also practices chirology.

He found combining therapies a powerful healing tool but realised that the mind is the most effective healer of all so he pursued his childhood interest becoming a Hypnotherapist. Here he learned how to help people be the masters of their own healing.

A hypnotherapist can assist with many different complaints including stress (the reason for over 70% of all visits to doctors) fears, phobias, smoking cessation, over eating, compulsive behaviour, self-esteem boosting and an endless list of other conditions.

It is also extremely effective in pain management. Chronic pain affects so many people who live in discomfort with little else but drugs to ease their suffering. Learning some simple techniques can greatly improve their lives.

As Aiden is certified to practise many different therapies it allows him to be creative when designing a personalised programme for his clients.

'Your particular challenge is unique to you but whatever you face will be given the time it deserves to be heard with empathy and understanding.'

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